The Story

The story starts with an 11-year old boy named Ash Catchem who lives in Pallet town with his mother. His rival, Gary, lives next door to him. Ash and Gary used to play nicely together when they were little, but lately, he has become mean. He sees Ash as a rival because they are the same age and height. When Ash hears that Professer Oak is a Pokémon expert he gets excited because he is a curious boy. Professer Oak is giving away his three last Pokémon and ash is supposed to get one. The three Pokémon that are being given away, Bulbasuar, Charmander, and Squirtle are already taken when Ash gets there, so Professer Oak gives Ash a Pikachu! Professer Oak also gives Ash an invention of his called a Pokédex it is an electronic encyclopedia for Pokémon. It tells information about a Pokémon that is observed in the area. Ash's journey is ready to begin. Ash's goal is to become a Pokémon master. In order to acheive his goal Ash must complete the Pokédex, defeat the 8 gym leaders in a Pokémon battle,winning each of their badges, foil the mischevious plans of team Rocket, and defeat the Elite Four, a group of four of the most experienced and advanced Pokémon trainers.