The Characters

Ash Catchem is the main character of the story. He is a determined young boy who is destined to become a Pokémon master. Ash has a great sense of feeling for his Pokémon. He originally lived with his mother in Pallet town, but left to start his Pokémon journey. With exceptional skill, talent, bravery, and a little help from his friends Misty and Brock, Ash must foil the plans of Team Rocket, a group of clumsy crooks who's plan is to steal Ash's exceptional Pikachu.

Misty, the former Gym Leader of Cerulean City, met Ash when she was fishing, and Ash was trying to get Pikachu to the Pokémon Center. He took Misty's bike to get away from the flock of Spearows that were after them. After Pikachu defeated the Spearows with a powerful electric shock Misty's bike was ruined, so she followed him until she got a new bike from him. She never got her bike back, but she followed Ash anyways so she could continue her Pokémon journey. Misty is very caring about Pokémon, and specializes in water type Pokémon.

Brock is the former gym leader of Pewter City. He has to support his brothers and sisters because his dad left them. He met Ash when Ash came to his gym to earn a Boulderbadge. After ash defeated him in a Pokémon battle Brock's father came back, so Brock went out on his Pokémon journey with Ash and Misty. Brock is a very strong and determined young man. He specializes in rock type Pokémon.

Jesse and James are partners in a large group of theives called Team Rocket. Thier goal is to steal Pokémon, especially Ash's Pikachu. Jesse is serious about thier business. She is always telling James to quit whining. She gets mad a lot, and you might occasionally see her in the show whip out a sledge hammer out of nowhere. Her Pokémon was Ekans until she evolved it into Arbok. Her and James also work with a Pokémon named Meowth.

James is Jesse's Partner. He is sort of a whiney daydreamy person. He is very easily tricked or fooled. He tries to do his job but doesn't accomplish much. Sometimes, though he actually gets things done right. His Pokémon, which he got for a christmas present was Koffing, and he has evolved it into Wheezing.

Professer Oak is a Pokémon expert. He is very experienced, and knows a lot about Pokémon. He gave Ash his first Pokémon. He invented a device called the Pokédex that is like an encyclopedia of Pokémon. When a Pokémon is seen through the digital "eye" the Pokédex says the information about that Pokémon.

Gary is Ash's main rival. He is a hotshot Pokémon trainer that thinks he is better than Ash. He doesn't really care that much about Pokémons' feelings. He has lot's of fans, but in the end Ash will be the best.

Ash's mom cares about him very much. She admires his effort. She hated to see him leave for his journey. She checks on him sometimes via video phone to remind him to "Change his underwear, every single day."

Officer Jenny is a Police officer. She takes her duty very seriously to enforce the law. She has identical twin cousins in every single city. "Talk about family resemblance!"

Like Officer Jenny, Nurse Joy also has identical cousins in every city. She is the nurse at the Pokémon center. She cares alot about Pokémon, and is not afraid to speak her mind to trainers who battle thier Pokémon too much.

These are the 8 Gym leaders

Gym leader: Brock /City: Pewter City /Pokémon type: rock /badge:boulderbadge

Gym leader: Misty /City: Cerulean City /Pokémon type: water /badge:cascadebadge

Gym leader: Lt. Surge /City: Vermillion City /Pokémon type: electric /badge:thunderbadge

Gym leader: Erika /City: Celedon City /Pokémon type: grass /badge:rainbowbadge

Gym leader: Sabrina /City: Saffron City /Pokémon type: psychic /badge:marshbadge

Gym leader: Koga /City: Fuchsia City /Pokémon type: Poison /badge:soulbadge

Gym leader: Blaine /City: Cinnabar Island /Pokémon type: fire /badge: volcanobadge

Gym leader: Giovanni, the mysterious leader of Team Rocket /City: Viridian City /Pokémon type: ground /badge:earthbadge